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If you're in the food business, pests aren't a nuisance, they're a threat to damage the business itself. Bugs can signal shutdowns.


Let Port Exterminating provide you peace of mind. We offer maintenance contracts on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Don't procrastinate ... exterminate!

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No matter how often you clean, the minute you spot a cockroach, you feel your house is filthy.


The tiniest pests are one of the greatest threats to your household's quality of life.

Reclaim your house as your own domain.

Protect yourself and sleep tight

Some pests are worse than just creepy — they're downright dangerous!


Rodents have been carriers of some of history's worst diseases. But no one's inoculating them.


Stay safe. Keep your home pest-free!

Stay clean, stay healthy

Never look at another dirty rat

"Why settle for a different pest control company every time you call? You deal one-on-one with me, and if your pests come back, we'll take care of them free of charge."

-- Evan Cohen, owner

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Bugged by bugs? Pestered by pests? Let Port Exterminating eliminate your worries. We handle emergencies fast, and will even design a prevention plan!

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