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Ants can be home-wreckers

Ants aren't exactly dangerous to humans, but they can be a major nuisance — and they can invade opened bags and boxes of food. So while they will not hurt you, they'll damage your wallet with all the food you'll have to toss.


Carpenter ants consume wood, and can weaken your home's structural integrity.

Port Exterminating will march ants right out of your house

Those ants you see trolling for crumbs on your counters are foragers — a tiny percentage of an ant colony that has taken up residence nearby. What you see is only a symptom. Before the ants start invading your food supplies, ask us to find and eliminate the source of the problem.

What you should look for

  • Carpenter ants live in wood and grow to nearly one inch

  • Odorous house ants are dark brown to black, and stink when crushed

  • Pavement ants are brown to black; their nests resemble small volcanoes.

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