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Beehives and wasp nests can house hundreds to thousands of bees and wasps. When they feel threatened, wasps especially will swarm and try to sting.


Stings' severity increases along with their number. So if you see a large habitat, call us!

Take the sting out of flying insects

A few wasp breeds gnaw on wood to a minor extent, but the biggest threat that bees and wasps present are their stingers. Though most won't strike unless threatened, allergic reactions range from mild swelling and hives to life-threatening difficulties in breathing and swallowing.

Look for nests and hives here:

 •  Tree branches

 •  Porch ceilings

 •  Tops of windows and door frames

 •  Soffits and eaves

 •  Deck and floor joists

 •  Tops of cathedral ceilings

 •  Shrub twigs

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