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Protect your health by destroying disease-carrying rodents

You're not likely to contract bubonic plague from a contemporary intruding rat, but diseased mice have been identified as a possible Hantavirus culprit. A domestic pet in a cage is one thing, disease-carrying vermin quite another.


If you see or hear rodent warning signs, take action immediately. If you don't, it won't take them long to contaminate your food and spread a foul smell through your home.

  • Black pellet-like droppings (mice)

  • 3/4" blunt droppings (rats)

  • Frayed electrical cords

  • Nighttime squealing and scurrying

  • Shredded paper

What you should look for

We can safeguard your property too!

As if spreading illness wasn't bad enough, rodents will chew through your wiring, pipes, and wood. In the U.S. alone, rats and mice damage a billion dollars worth of property each year!

Take back your home!

Most homes face many more worries than rats and mice. Port Exterminating can eradicate and prevent the recurrence of such common pests as ants, termites, crickets, bed bugs, and wasps.

Big Rat Big Rat

Buying or selling your home or other property? Schedule a termite inspection.

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