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Most homes face multiple pest threats. And if you haven't kept them out, Port Exterminating can move indoors to eliminate and prevent the recurrence of most common pests.


Call us to eradicate ants, crickets, rodents, wasps, bees, bed bugs, and more.

Outdoor treatments shore up your first line of defense

All those bugs in your house come from somewhere, and that somewhere is your yard. That's why we offer outdoor perimeter treatments that eliminate the bugs before they invite themselves in. But don't worry. We use no messy chemicals, and everything's child- and pet-safe.

Don't let pests spoil your home

 •  Pillbugs

 •  Earwigs

 •  Centipedes

 •  Millipedes

 •  Roaches

 •  Silverfish

 •  Spiders

Exterminating outdoors Exterminating outdoors

Buying or selling your home or other property? Schedule a termite inspection.

- FHA, VA, bank certified

Control your pests with preventative maintenance

- Monthly, quarterly or annually

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